Spotting at Lima for the Day

After you guys voted, I hopped straight on a plane to Lima to spot some more flights! It was a tiring and long flight, but I was grateful to stretch my legs the moment the plane landed! It was slightly cooler in Lima tat 24 degrees Celsius, but there was a 7 knot wind from the South nearly blowing my hat off, so I was glad to get inside.


All flights were on Solo at various time of the day at Manila Airport

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Despite the first aircraft I took a picture of arriving at the early time of 7:35 am all I had to do was roll out of bed and grab my camera! Unfortunately Lima is not too friendly to spotters like Manila due to its close proximity to the air base along with the construction of the new runway. So I booked the Costa Del Sol Lima Airport Hotel, just behind the ATC tower and opened my window to take some shots. This Sky Airlines flight, H85570 operated on their A320 from Buenos Aires, was the first arrival of the day and the only arrival of the morning!

About 20 minutes later at 7:55 am when I was finally fully awake I checked Flightaware and just had to get a picture of what I saw. AC87 to Montreal was lining up so I quickly scrambled to the window to get a shot of the departing Air Canada B787-9.

I then popped down to have my buffet breakfast included in the room, which is one of the many perks of hotel spotting. After eating way more than I should have I waddled back to my room in time to snap this departing Copa Airlines B737-800 to Panama City, CM436 at 10:22 am.

And before I could even check if my SD card had any space left after the last two spotting trips I heard the engines of DL150 spool up on the runway as the Delta A350-900 to Atlanta started to roll down the runway at 10:25 am.

Fortunately the next flight I planned to spot did not depart until 11:25 am, so I managed to check my SD card and upload the pictures to clear the SD so I could be ready. And bang on 11:25, the Air Europa flight to Madrid, UX176 operated on their B787-9 was lining up.

And after a short nap I woke up in time to catch the first arrival of the afternoon, LATAM’s B787-9 from Santiago, LA650 at 12:03 pm.

I then had an hour break to order room service to my room. It came so nicely presented I nearly had to use my 10th photo to show you, but alas, we all came here for the planes. And an hour late at 1:05 pm we saw our only departure of the afternoon LP2025 from Cusco operated on the LATAM Peru A319.

We then got a very special arrival from the queen, Atlas Air’s B747-400 cargo run from Campinas as it performs its triangular route between Campinas, Lima and Miami. 5Y64 landed at 1:29 pm. And boy was it is special arrival as the Atlas Air crew absolutely buttered it!

Our second last spot of the day came just under 2 hours later at 3:20 pm as AM46 arrived from Mexico City, operated by AeroMexico on the B737-800 touched down.

Our final spot was a golden hour arrival from Miami as the American Airlines A321 operating as AA379 touched down at 6:20 pm to close out the day.

Which picture was your favourite?

  • Sky Airlines A320 from Buenos Aires
  • Air Canada B787-9 to Montreal
  • Copa Airlines B737-800 to Panama City
  • Delta A350-900 to Atlanta
  • Air Europa B787-9 to Madrid
  • LATAM B787-9 from Santiago
  • LATAM Peru A319 to Cusco
  • Atlas Air B747-400 from Campinas
  • AeroMexico B737-800 from Mexico City
  • American Airlines A321 from Miami

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I might hop on another flight tonight so I can do some more spotting, but I need your help deciding, where should I go next?

  • Christchurch
  • Luanda
  • Darwin
  • Dublin

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Lima does seem to have a lot of variety. Great pictures!

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Why thank you! It had much more variety than I was expecting!

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