Spotting at LGA | Runway 04 Arrivals | January 13th, 2019

Hey everyone!

On Sunday, I stopped by Planeview Park for some plane spotting. To be honest, my photos were some of the best I ever took. I hope you like them!

Equipment: Canon Eos Rebel t5, 75-300mm lens

Delta E175

Jetblue A320

Southwest 737-700

Delta A321

American A321

American E190

Delta A320

American Eagle E145

Delta CRJ-900

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you like these pictures!

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Nice photos you got there! What equipment do you use for spotting?

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Ha I thought your poll was saying what picture was best not how were your pictures! So I put 3 on accident. Your photos are definitely a solid 9! Sorry!


I love spotting at Planeview Park when I’m in NYC! Great job with these photos!

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@HFP i use a Canon Eos Rebel t5, with a 75-300 mm lens.

@Joseph007 lol, thanks for the feedback.

@Joseph_Krol thanks as well!


These are lit!! faves are the RJ175 N278SY and the RJ9 N320PQ

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Thanks for the kind words Mr. KSDF!

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Amazing photos! My favorites were the JetBlue, Southwest, and Delta A321. Hope to see more from you.

(Lol, still out of likes :)


Lol, im not.

Thanks for the kind works Khyle! You will defenitely see more pics in the future!

Great photos Dylan!

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Some fantastic shots @Dylan_M!

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I like these photos, especially the SWA. I’d love to visit LGA in the future after the construction.
Sorry about this below

Photo 1: Delta 3882 from KRIC
Photo 2: JetBlue 1572 from KFLL
Photo 3: Southwest 5518 from KATL
Photo 4: Delta 1788 from KMIA
Photo 5: American 1249 from KMIA
Photo 6: American 2111 being brought up from KPHL (I don’t believe there was any passengers)
Photo 7: Delta 2917 from KATL
Photo 8: American (unknown, are you sure it’s a E145?)
Photo 9: Endeavor 3450 from KCVG


Solid stuff man! My only advice would be see if you can get a side on shot of the plane rather than from behind! But still, well done (:


Judging from that distance 75mm on a Canon APS-C camera = 120mm, he probably wouldn’t have been able to fully frame it side on.

Great photos Dylan! The only suggestion I could make is to crop them so that the aircraft are more centered, they’re all kind of low in the frame.

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I did crop them, but they didnt turn out as i expected.

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