Spotting at LEPA [FNF]

After landing in Lepa i took some pictures for all of you who havent been there:

Ryanair 737 landing!

Beautiful departure, see ya binter!

My eyes were big like the heart of Thomas Cook, soft touch down!


Nice photos! have fun and safe lading! >_^

Love those photos but the last one with Thomas Cook made me laugh a bit on how his reverse thrusters are a bit open when above the ground still haha

And his spoilers 😁
Great pics :)

Just wondering when you took those photos because I am pretty sure I am that Ryanair plane.

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Not sure, did you saw a Emirates A380 at a gate there? When yes than you were that plane. I think it was round about 2200Zulu

Yeah that was me. Thanks for capturing my landing!

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Be happy that your landing was one of the best while i was spotting there, some landings were so weird at LEPA, i dont want to say that my A380 landings are smooth, but when i saw that Air France A380 landing at LEPA I thought my one was softer than butter or that 787 that stopped after 1/4 of the runway because he used this break while landing, normally the break is there for the end around 40-50kts. But your landing, just very nice!

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Thanks. Sorry you had to be scarred by such bad landings!

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Bad landings are normal, even on expert. When the weather is like yesterday in LEPA it is a little bit hard to land because the plane is shaking, even heavies

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