Spotting at LEMD a few months ago

Went on august 15 to the Top west of LEMD

Active runways 18L and 18R for landings

Camera Nikon d90
Camera lens nikon dx swm vr ed if aspherical 67


Love it! Try to explain Aircraft type and arriving/departure airport. Also try to add any extra details. But great images

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Awesome pics! Do you mind telling me what camera and lens you use?

As soon as i get home i’ll tell u

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Yep, i will when i get to the computer

All these photos are incredible

Aren’t we allowed to post only 10 pictures per topic or doesn’t this matter in this topic and category?


boring, why would you take photos if you can only upload 10? i mean if you click on this is because you want to see different planes and a lot of planes photos, what is the purpose of spotting then? Anyways we are on a platforms with thousands of people tat likes aviation, why should i be limited?

I was just asking because in the sreenshot and videos category we are only allowed to post 10 pics. And I thought that it’s the same for every category. Didn’t know that you can post more in this category.

so i´ll tell you this: the camera is a “nikon d90” , a little bit old but not too much the cost of it from first hand is arround 600$ and i use this objetive “nikon dx swm vr ed if aspherical 67” wich is very good for zooming a lot, also i do use the automatic focus mode because i am a newbe. Sure it is really expensive, but this ccamera was from my grandfather whom gave it to my mother and my mother gave it to me that day.

i really dont know but it shouldnt be fair

Because one it’s a rule. 2. Hosting isn’t free so the more space is taken up the more money it costs.

ok i see, i will delete some photos, but i´ve also asked for help editing this so it may take a few hours

Ok no worries. Make sure you add some words to

I like the Iberia ATR :)

we saw like 3 out of 5 of those and i have one photo where if you zoom in, you can se a pilot.

China eastern A350 I’m sobbing she’s beautiful.

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