Spotting at Leipzig!

Hello everyone! I was at Leipzig-Schdeukitz-Halle Airport and I got some photos. Enjoy!

Airport: EDDP
Date: 8th March 2024
Gear: iPhone 13 Pro Max

First off, we start off with a Boarding 737 Max. Unknown Airline, Probably Charter.

Then, we have a Saab 340/2000 from Sprintair probably going to Warsaw.

DHL A300-600 flying to Milan. Loud takeoff!

747! One is a 747-400F from ASL Cargo and a ex-united Airlines 747-400BCF for Rom Cargo.

Lufthansa IL-18 from very Long ago

wow! An antonov!

Thanks for Reading and See you next Time!


nice pictures!!

isn’t leipzig a cargo hub for dhl and aerologic?


Yes exactly

Thanks btw



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Nice shots! Never knew about the Il-18 there before.

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Oops… I accidentally typed in EDDL instead of EDDP… changed it

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