Spotting at LAX's North Side

Just a couple of minutes ago I just came back from spotting near runways 24 left and right. I used a Canon Powershot 95. I got some pretty good shots. I wish I had FlightRadar24 on hand so I could have given more accurate info.

The Southwest terminal.

First Southwest of the many Southwest’s in this photo real preparing to takeoff.

Only a picture of the front of an American A321. (Took the picture a bit to early)

United Express E75 or ERJ-175 lining up for takeoff.

A real close up on an Alaska Airline 737-800ER with spit scimitars.

Southwest 737-800 landing

My favorite plane a Delta 757-200 beautifully lining up to takeoff.

A Delta ERJ-170 or -175 (Can’t tell)

Singapore Airlines 77W taking off to Tokyo. (Fix by @Daniel14)

A Southwest 737-700 with spit scimitars landing (Heart Livery)

An Air China 77W landing. (China-France 50th Anniversary Livery. It celebrates the the 50 years of France and China having diplomatic ties.)

Turkish Airlines 77W

Delta 737-800 landing.

Alaska Airlines Dash 8 landing.

A Delta A319 landing.

Lastly an Etihad 77W preparing to takeoff.

Hopefully you guys like these next time I hope to provide a bit more info. This was my first time trying to do decent photos. For my spotting location I was by the In-and- Out and a special thanks to my mum for taking me. Adios amigos.


That china airways livery looks 👌


I actually saw that Etihad 77W land earlier today. Nice photos!


Great photos! Just a little note The Singapore 777 is flying to Tokyo

Thanks for noticing. I just assumed because it’s Singapore Airline leaving LAX it’ll head to Singapore.

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It is a very easy mistake I only caught It because I was just leaving from KLAX last month and saw on the departures board

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is this the 24r/l side? like near the in n out? If so, its a really good location to spot.

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Great shots, love the Alaskan B737-800ER with the split scimitars.

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Yeah it’s the spot by the In-and Out. Never knew there was an In-and-Out by the airport.


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