Spotting at LAX

I went to LA in August, and on the return trip, my flight got delayed so I decided to do some spotting. I unfortunately couldn’t get an angle on the landing runway so all the shots are either gate or departures. This is also my first attempt at editing my photos, so feedback is welcomed.

ANA 777 departing

Virgin A320 pushing back

Aeromexico 737

United 757 sitting at the gate

American 737 blasting out

Tahiti Nui A340 taking off

Banana Bus A320

LAX tower

I tried to do do something special with this Alaska A321, tell me what you think


It’s something different with the perspective of the departing aircraft. Great stuff!

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I like that ASA A320 shot! Great pictures ya got here

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Hey! A few tips:

Try not to take pics with things obstructing the subject (especially the poles on departure)

Make sure the horizon is level in the pics

Don’t over or under contrast; in addition, make sure the pictures are properly exposed

Try to crop in

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Only angle with the departures had poles, will do

Not a perfectionists but that is a UAL 757-300

But nice pics

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Sorry, will change it

Very good photos! i really like the Alaska A320 (VA) and that A340!

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N928VA is an A321NEO but great pics! :)

I have a whole bunch of pictures on my phone from KLAX spotting. I’ll share one of my best pictures when given the chance to.

I’m jealous of you spotting the Air Tahiti Nui A343! I would love to spot it myself.

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what do you mean?

Nice shots! Shame you couldn’t have tried the outside spots - windows are really SOBs when shooting. Maybe next time haha

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All photos ARE mine, and were taken on my iPhone 6s.

The first photo is my lock screen ;)


Just letting you guys know if you ever want to spot at LAX let me know and I’ll see if I can make it. I would love to meet some of you guys and I thought this would be an appropriate place to put that out there lol

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