Spotting at LAX Day 3 | 03JUL20

I was supposed to post this almost three weeks ago 😅

Hello again, all! I’m back with the third and final part of my LAX spotting at the beginning of July. Since my last topic (Part 2, see below) I have purchased the upgraded version of Adobe Lightroom - now I can do even better things!

Part 1

Part 2


Canon EOS 4000D
Tamron 70-300mm

On to the shots!

Settings: 1/800 F/8.0 ISO 100 @ 300mm
Location: Imperial Hill

First up is N946JL, a 5 year old jetBlue A321-200 departing off 25R to Boston as B6488.

Settings: 1/800 F/8.0 ISO 100 @ 130mm
Location: Imperial Hill

Next we have a very heat hazed N512JN, a 27 year old generic Western Global MD-11F arriving from Anchorage as KD7345. This was the only cargo flight to exit this late, and I’m very glad it did.

Settings: 1/800 F/8.0 ISO 100 @ 300mm
Location: Imperial Hill

Third we have B-5937, a 6 year old China Eastern A330-200 departing off to Shenzhen as MU7118. This is the first time I’ve managed to decently capture some cHeMtRaIlS.

Settings: 1/800 F/8.0 ISO 100 @ 300mm
Location: Imperial Hill

Now we have N929VA, a 1 year old Alaska A321neo headed off to Alaska’s Seattle hub as AS881.

Settings: 1/800 F/8.0 ISO 100 @ 300mm
Location: Imperial Hill

Here is one interesting catch - here is N510FR (I think?), a 36 year old Gulfstream III flying for OneFlight.

Settings: 1/800 F/8.0 ISO 100 @ 191mm
Location: Imperial Hill

Next is a very heat hazed JA873A, a 12 year old 777-300ER departing off to Tokyo Haneda as NH5. Just for you, @ran!

Settings: 1/800 F/8.0 ISO 100 @ 161mm
Location: Imperial Hill

Hon hon hon baguette plane, a 12 year old 777-300ER known as F-GZNA passing by the iconic LAX tower after arriving from Paris CDG as AF66. Sadly, this bird hasn’t flown since July 19.

Settings: 1/1000 F/8.0 ISO 100 @ 96mm
Location: Vista Del Mar

This shot is one of my personal favorites. I was inspired by @robert_xing after seeing one of his shots from here ( by the way, go follow his Instagram ). It’s not golden hour like his, and it’s a little bit further from the trees, but I’m very proud of this shot and I will definitely be back to this spot. This post has also done the best on my Instagram page.

Settings: 1/1250 F/8.0 ISO 100 @ 109mm
Location: LAX Terminal 1, Gate 17A

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to catch this outside of the airport, so I had to resort to catching this bird through the terminal windows. It was really difficult to find a spot with no reflections, and I’m really happy about how this came out.

Settings: 1/400 F/8.0 ISO 100 @ 114mm
Location: Vista Del Mar

And to finish it off, here’s the beautiful sunset as the sun disappears behind the mountains. I was originally planning to go to Vista Del Mar for golden hour shots after I was done spotting from my hotel balcony, but I forgot to take the mountains into account and by the time I got there I couldn’t take any shots (of planes) worth keeping. At least I got this shot out of it, though.

Thanks for viewing this topic! The next topic will take us back to my home of DFW where we’ll see some close ups 👀

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Great pictures

Damn Altaria, that southwest shot looks straight out of a WN billboard or something, well done!!!


Quite inspirational to start spotting (for me)…don’t you think?

Some absolutely amazing pictures, especially the last three are just really stunning. The Southwest one is such a cool design too!

Thank you very much for sharing your pictures!

Swear you showed us this as f/4.5

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@Captain_74gear Thanks!

@Suhas Thanks lmao

@Claudio Yessir please get a camera

@JulianB Thanks lol

@AndrewWu Nope would you like to see the EXIF

And here’s the raw BB-8 shot for anyone interested


Fixed my spelling now…



Awesome pics as always @Altaria55!


Hahahah lol.

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One word: wow. Those are absolutely stunning! When I went spotting there around the middle of July I managed to catch the ANA BB-8 Star Wars livery too but you pictured it oh so much better!

Thats Awesome!

Dude the SWA jet with the palm is such a good shot. Love the pics.

I was thinking the same thing!!!

@AviationFreak @Dweeam @Chase_Goldman Thanks guys!

I forgot about this one, nevertheless. Great shots!

Beautiful pictures!

Great Shots!

Nice shots! I just realised I’ve been following you for quite a while now 😅😂

Well done @Altaria55. Amazing pictures