Spotting at LAX Day 1 | 01JUL20

Hello again! The first weekend of July, I went to LAX for a spotting trip with my dad. This is just the first day highlights, and there is many more over two more days, which Part 2 will be posted sometime next week and Part 3 the week after that. Anyway, enjoy!


Canon EOS 4000D
Tamron 70-300mm
Shot at 1/800 and F 8.0 ISO 100

Spot 1: H Hotel Parking Garage

Up first for @ran, we have JA731A, a 15 year old ANA 777-300ER painted in the Star Alliance livery arriving from Tokyo Haneda as NH126.

Next up is B-1096, a 2 year old Hainan Airlines A330-300 arriving from Shenzhen as HU739.

Spot 2: In-n-Out

Here we have a Korean Air 787-9 arriving from Seoul Incheon.

Next up is a KLM 777-300ER arriving from Amsterdam Schiphol.

Now we have G-VPRD, a 1 year old Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 known as “Rain Bow” arriving from London Heathrow as VS682. This was the only time this aircraft visited during my trip, as the other two days were 787-9s, so it was one of my highlight catches!

Spot 3: Imperial Hill

Up next is N2250U, a 7 month old 777-300ER in the Evo Blue livery arriving from Hong Kong as UA2851.

Now we have B-7302, a 3 year old Hainan Airlines 787-9 formerly painted in a panda livery. Unfortunately, their contract with the panda stuff expired and is set to be repainted soon. Here she is departing off to Shenzhen in a yellow scheme as HU488.

Here we have LX-VCM, a 4 year old Cargolux 747-8F sporting the Cutaway livery departing for Seattle as CV7723.

Spot 4: Westchester Bridge

Thank you to @Cameron_Stone for pointing me towards this spot!

Up now is B-1567, a 3 year old Xiamen Airlines 787-9 arriving from, well, Xiamen as MF8891.

And finally, we have one of my personal favorites, RP-C7781. A 2 year old 777-300ER, here she is arriving from Manila as PR103 in some stunning golden light.

Thank you for viewing this topic! As stated previously, Day 2 will be out sometime next week, with Part 3 the following week.

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Wow!! I’m speechless! These are amazing!!!


Amazing photos!

Stunning photos! I can’t decide which one I like the best.

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That Virgin Atlantic A350-100 and United 777-300 hit different


Oh my… 😍 Incredible work!

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Amazing pictures once again!

Interestingly enough, I’ve never seen this livery before. All of your pictures are fantastic, solid work. :)


i hope that we get that in IF


😮 Those are amazing!

These 3 are amazing!

  1. The Curves of the 787 are unbeatable and amazing
  2. Those engines 😍
  3. Such a clean livery and the 350-1000 is soooo nice

I can’t wait for that to get repainted, the yellow is awful 🥴


19 likes in 10 minutes… I must be doing something right lol

Buying a new lens once my paycheck comes in tomorrow, so I’ll be getting even better shots @AndrewWu style

Thanks everyone!


Nice pictures! I hope we get the Korean 787-9 in IF sometime


Oops, forgot to add in my equipment…

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Best I’ve seen from you. Nice work.


Didn’t go straight to auto if I saw something I didn’t want to mess up 😛

Thank you my guy

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These are stunning! I love the shots from Imperial Hill a lot, so much contrast between the sky, the aircraft, and the buildings/construction. Not to mention the In-N-Out photos!


Thank you! I hope to be back in the winter for higher visibility and better lighting. I tried to get some shots of aircraft passing by downtown LA, but it didn’t work so well. Too much haze 🥱

this can be a phone wallpaper

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Please no. There are so many better ones where the mountains are actually visible