Spotting at LAX 7-18-20

You might be able to catch Aloha Air Cargo too.
Yeah nevermind not flying tonight 😂

There is supposed to be an Iceair 767 from BOS for some reason. But that’s at like 2am

Yeah lol,

About that IceAir I saw it on the arrivals for LAX, I’m tryna stay up as long as I can so I might see it, depending whether or not it lands on 25s

Yeah idk where it’ll be parked because it never shows up.

I’m gonna try and see it
Because he special

Technically the B767-300 could make it nonstop from Iceland. But not this time

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Well ima try and spot it anyway

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*cough most likely Hong Kong

Yeah lol, I didn’t say anything because I thought cuz of travel restrictions we weren’t getting anything 😂

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Alright! Since the vast majority would like a trip report, expect one coming within a few days! I’ll have to do a few transferring of photos and a lot of writing 😂. Thanks to all who voted!

An A220, an A350, an A321NEO and sunny skies, I am definitely not complaining ;)

Thanks for sharing these cool pictures!

Definitely not Hong Kong. 😉

I would love to spot some nice aircraft here at KLAX. Stunning pictures, and the bright blue sky gave it all away!

Yup unfortunately in Ireland the ski is never that blue :( still some great spotting locations in Dublin though

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Totally! There were so many new aircraft that I’ve never even seen before! I was super excited and lucky to catch these amazing aircraft!

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Yes! It’s almost never cloudy except for when the marine layer rolls in or they get some moisture from storms in the south. 😂 but yes, LAX has some of the best spotting locations!

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Haha, I would love to come to Ireland some day though!

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