Spotting at LAX 7-18-20

Hey IFC! Today I flew out to LAX from PHX for my 8th grade graduation!

Mainly I just wanted to go to spot so, that’s what I did! Pictures were taken from the grass field just to the south of the In N Out just to the north of Runway 24R.

So, I took a lot of good ones and have seen a bunch of new aircraft I’ve never seen, so choices were hard.

Here are my top ten!

Lufthansa A359 from Munich

Korean Air 77W from Seoul

Cathay Pacific A350-1000 (I forgot where this one came from)

My favorite of the day (and I think @ran likes this one too 😉) ANA 77W

Hainan 789 from Shenzhen

Alaskan A321N from Seattle (@anon38496261 where areeee youuuu)

A regular Air China 77W

Delta A220 from I think Austin

Air Canada A320

And for my 10th picture…
A Star Alliance Livery Air China

Thank you all for viewing! I had so much fun out there for my first time in LA! I look forward to come back soon! (I’m flying back home again tomorrow)

If you want to use any of my photos, or see some more, please don’t hesitate to send a PM!

Should I make a trip report on my SWA flights to and from PHX?

  • Yes, I love SWA and PHX!
  • Nah, I don’t like SWA or PHX that much

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As always, Happy landings!



I saw BB8 from the terminal at LAX :)

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Great photos I love the Delta A220!

Also congratulations on graduating and good luck in high school!


Oh really? That’s cool!

@Chicago_Aviator thank you! I’m looking forward to it!

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Great pics!

Hong Kong

DFW: N130DU - Airbus A220-100 - Delta Air Lines - Flightradar24

You better believe I’m right here, boy 😉

Great photos! I would take a trip just to spot as well, haha


Ok cool, lol 😂

Glad you liked them!

Yeah but the nearest airport is a 3 hour flight 😂 (that has good traffic)

Glad you enjoyed them!

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It’d be worth it! After all of COVID blows over, I’m gonna use my Alaska miles. I just don’t want to have to jump through all of the hoops 🙄

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Yeah I love flying too 😂 too bad for me it’s only a 1 hour flight.

(Southwest’s snack mix is really good)

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Great photos! Too bad it hasn’t been too busy lately.

I’m actually surprised by the amount of heavies we saw to be honest

But thank you!

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Yeah, but there’s usually more. And domestic heavies too.

Yeah that’s true, I’m just glad I also got some special liveries! I missed an EVA Air Hello Kitty 😒

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Congrats on your graduation! I especially like seeing A220 pictures since my dad instructs on it for Delta

I like this one a lot, but the rest are amazing as well. Nice job!

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these are some amazing pictures, i love LAX spotting so much 😍

Thank you! First time seeing an A220 too!

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Thank you! I like that one too! (The BB8 one was my favorite tho)

@reer104 thanks! My first time at LAX too! Glad I got some good arrivals!

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I can also spot from my hotel room lol