Spotting at LAS!

Hey everyone! So I went to LAS during CES week and I was able to see unusual traffic come in while I was there. As there are a lot of pictures I’ll save you all the time and only put a few, hope you like them!

These never come to LAS! Glad I could see it.


WOW!! The first one 👍🏻


Not too shabby! I wish we got more heavy metal


Great photos mate! Love the delta trip one, may I ask what camera you used?

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Brilliant photos and location!
I ❤️ the Virgin Atlantic B787.

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I see the Hawaiian 767 Virgin Atlantic and the Old Southwest all the time at KLAS. Good spotting! You have any reccomended places?

Stunning pics. Looks brilliant especially that Virgin Atlantic B787 😍

I believe that was a Hawaiian A330

I could be wrong. Although, all I ever se at the terminal are 767s

IDK about the terminals, bu the picture is a 330

a 777 & 767-300 at KLAS wow! Awesome photos! Definitely one of my favorite airports!

Amazing pictures! It seems Vegas has some great photo opportunities!

@Ryan_Vidad @KPIT its an A330 Hawaiian

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Superior Southwest! Love these photos!


That Delta 777 shot is awesome!! Always nice to see the light shining on the fan blades

That MAX is beautiful! Seeing it in real life really is a beauty.

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I use a Nikon D3400 with a Nikon 70-300mm lens

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