Spotting at KSFO

Hello IFC! Here are some pictures from my recent trip to San Francisco CA!

Air India B777-200LR

Fiji Airways A330-200

Same Air India as above

United B777-300ER

United Skywest Crj700


Amazing photos!


Great catch on the CRJ-700! Amazing photos!


My flight was racing the Crj coming from KASE

Nice photos!

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SFO is the best airport in the world. Amazing pictures!


My dream is to sit in the middle grassy square for a day and plane spot

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Wow amazing pictures @United403


Great shots @United403! You have received my official Seal of Approval for making a topic about SFO, expect to receive a cookie in a few hours!


A million years ago there used to be a weekly tv show called San Francisco International Airport. That’s the best an avgeek could do before internet…treasured photos!


How is it possible this topic from 74 days ago is showing bumped to the top 3 hours ago (before my current post), when I was the last one to comment 74 days ago, and there are not edits or other more recent comments. Halloween?

Should’ve taken a screen shot.

Nice shots there ;)

I still remember this like it was yesterday

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Lol let this topic rest in peace

It’s not gonna rest in peace! I’ll continue to keep it open 😂

Do I dare keep this open again 🤷

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and the topic continues…

I am determined to keep this open on the year 2100
87 years from now

Then some day it will look as dated as this clip from the old tv show about KSFO that I mentioned

San Francisco International (1970) TVM pilot - YouTube
It’s a 2 minute clip that looks a bit like some days on the CS at KSFO or LAX.

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Idk how that math works out, bossman