Spotting at KSEA

Just before the pictures I would like to say sorry for the bad quality this was filmed on an iPhone and all arrivals were on 16C and 16R And my spot was meant for 16L but here’s the pictures

Pencil plane(757-300) coming in from Detroit

767-300ER coming from KJFK

A320neo coming from Denver I think (frontier airlines

Here’s an interesting one sun county 737-800 from Minneapolis

Alaska airlines a320 from Santa Ana

Alaska airlines q400 from Spokane

Lastly a fedex a300 at the cargo apron

I hope you liked these and have a good day


There is another.

Great shots!!

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Another what

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Another SEA spotter. @Robertine used to spot at KSEA, he moved just a few months ago.

I happen to live just north of Seattle, and I would love to spot, I just don’t have time.

I like the photos!


Oh thanks!

You have been replaced.

Nice photos @Aviatorwyatt!


great shots

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I did not know that the 767’s were still flying around that’s crazy!

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