Spotting at KSEA pt.2

I went back to KSEA so um picture time,

Camera:Canon EOS Rebel T6

A southwest plane take a wild guess what plane it is cuz I’m not telling you

Not even joking this is the first time a shot of a delta E175 has been clear for me lol
Um why is there a pencil flying

Another southwest plane take another guess you got this
And what I came for!!
And an Alaska 737max coming in from PANC to get ready for its first revenue flight from KSEA-KPDX
Hey it grew up from its e175 form since I saw it at KPAE and grew up into a strong 737-800
this is just sad this A310 has been sitting here for ages just sitting😭

Thanks for viewing bye 👋


Nice photos!

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Thank you!

is it a A380? XD

hmmmm 717?

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My guess would be 737-700 since they mostly fly those with that livery.


It’s a Concorde ;)


Oh cool I saw that one on fr24 and I got really excited because I thought they were doing revenue flights with the max to Alaska… I’m really hoping they do by next summer when I’m supposed to fly them to Juneau!

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Gosh I don’t know… there’s way to much tension if I get this wrong I am no avgeek

Airbus a360?


Nope airbus CRJ A747


Weird, I thought it was an Antonov An225 🤔🤔, my eyes must be bad


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