Spotting at KSEA-KATL-LFPG 7/6/2020

Hello, IFC,

Today is July 14th! What’s that? That’s France’s big holiday, Bastille day! (Like USA’s 4th of July).

So anyways… Since I often post spotting topics on holidays, then here is one!

These are from a recent trip from Seattle to Paris going through Atlanta (In the middle of COVID)

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Anyways… terminal spotting is always fun, so here we go!

An American A321 rotating at KSEA going to… hmm… I don’t know but I’ll guess KCLT or KDFW

An Alaska 737-900 rotating for PANC! @anon38496261 ;)

A Delta A330-900NEO reverse thrusting after a flight from Tokyo Haneda

A Southwest 737-700 spraying jetfuel all over everything
Am I the only one that loves the smell?

A KLM 787-9 pushing back and getting ready for a flight to Amsterdam!

The Thank You livery on the A321! Did you know that all of the Delta’s employees’ names are what make the Thank you?

A Delta 737 buttering in front of a big storm. I took this picture while taxiing to the runway…

If you know a little bit about aviation, pilots prefer not to fly in big thunderstorms.
Thanks to the expertise of ATC and out pilot, I was able to take this shot after takeoff when our A330 cut 3 of 4 of the runways at KATL to avoid the storm!
If you would like to see theFR24 playback, it was the Delta flight from KATL-LFPG on July 6th.
A once in a lifetime shot for me :D
(it was a video so if you want more pics from other angles, just ask!)

And the first time I saw an Air France A350! This is F-HTYC.

And here is a picture of a… thing…

I think it may be a hummingbird (it had blue on it’s wings) but if you know what it is, just tell me! I’m really curious! @SB110

(shot in 1/8000 shutter speed)

Thank you!

Have a nice summer, and stay safe everyone!



Cool pictures🤩🤩🤩

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Thank you!

Could any of these go to JP?

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Amazing photos! Good job!

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Thank you!

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It looks like a drill head ngl


nah it looks like a cute shot

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Nice work.

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Woah nice photos you got. Love them 🙂

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I like the smell of jet fuel also lol! Incredible shots! I love all of them!!!

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That’s not a hummingbird - it’s a hummingbird moth. A hummingbird will look more like a typical bird (just much much smaller).



Awesome pictures!!

Have fun in Baguette Country 🥖 jus a lil inside joke we have :)

Just… wow. Wow!


What great photos!!! Also, damnnnn that vote was closeeee 😂

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Lovely pictures


southwest boye has entered the chat

Very noice pictures!

Would love to see a tripreort!


My name is on that plane 😃



Very clean shots, awesome work :)

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Those pictures are beautiful. Your getting very good.

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