Spotting at KSEA and KPSP

Hello, IFC,

Today, I took a flight on Alaska Airlines from SEA to PSP. It was a pretty bad flight, so expect a trip report soon.

On the other side, I had amazing spotting with WWII planes and the first time I spot the Singapore A350!

Also my first time seeing the Honoring those who serve E175!


What do you think?

Sorry the editing is kinda bad, I didn’t bring my laptop :(

Have a nice day!!!



Oh and Click for full picture :)

Very cool the last picture sort of looks like @Jack_Q profile picture, there amazing, that’s pretty rare you get a Alaska Airlines E175 with the Honoring Those Who Served livery😍 Also the Singapore A350 is a really good shot!


@Armani_B for sure! Both DC-3s and both thick blue skies behind.


Does PSP have a regularly scheduled flight with those Singapore A350s or was it just a coincidence?

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The A350 was taken at SEA and it’s a scheduled flight.

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Very cool! Will be looking forward to the trip report. Nice pics to!

Edit: Just found the trip report…

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westjet 🙌🏽

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ouhhh that A350 !!! Nice catch :)

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Nice photos - looking forward to that trip-report where you probably will roast Alaska for their incapabilities

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Thats a niiiice catch! Great shots man!

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