Spotting at KSAN

Almost everyone with IF has flown to KSAN, here is some spotting pictures of what a typical busy day at San Diego International Airport is like!

Alaska 737-900 “Boeing 100 Years Strong”

Hawaiian A-330

United 737-800

Skywest E175

Alaska 737-700
Fedex 767
Skywest E175

Gulfstream G450

Hope you enjoyed and comment down below your favorite!


My favorite was…hmm…it was…hmm…maybe…hmm…I don’t have a favorite since I enjoy them all :)


I think they look over-edited. Not a fan of editing. Still, great picytres. Loved all of them. Alaska Airlines livery looks amazing on the ERJ


The editing makes it look a little too fake. Just not my preference in editing but good pictures none the less!

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Ah yes, the greatest airport of them all! Nice close-ups of the aircraft

My favorite one was the Alaska SkyWest E175!

Wow, great shots. Looks a lot more professional than the TS1 KSAN we get in IF ;)

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Stunning photos. The A330 is my favourite.

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I really love that Alaska Skywest E-175

Such a variety! Awesome!

Awesome pics, I gotta go with the Hawaiian airlines a330, my aloha you know

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The strong Boeing is my favorite, generally I love the new Alaska livery😍

The 100 years strong is my favourite :).


Great pictures! I like them all.

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