Spotting At KORD; My First Time!

Hi. please only post 10 pictures when you post.

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Alright, I couldn’t find the tag, thanks.

Yeah no problem :)

Pretty good! I’d just edit them so that the photos look a bit brighter.

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I wish my first photos came out this good! Just up the exposure in editing you’re set!

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Hey, we ask that you limit to 10 photos per topic. Other than that, Spectacular photos!

Hey there!

Awesome shots, especially for a first timer!

I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty to play around with one of your photos and edit it and here’s what I came up with. (don’t worry, I won’t post or reuse it)

Hope you like it!


Seems like a dark spotting day. Great pictures for your first spot.

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Some good stuff! You’re on the right track!

Tad dark but nothing some editing can’t fix

Great first session! I agree with others, edit it so it looks brighter.

Also I’m a fan of good backgrounds so maybe you could have some parts of the airport as the background instead of dark skies. Just a recommendation

Same deal, I just used Photoshop on my phone easy enough to improve the picture.


Nice, I just used the built in editor 😊

Amazing Edit! Nothing a little Lightroom can’t fix, huh.


Nice! It looks so much better when it’s brigher. Thanks for the edit!

Nice photos, KORD has a lot of aircraft coming in, and you got some nice ones. Though I would recommend moving the watermark on some images. I would move it close, but not on the aircraft, as that can make or break it. Hope you had fun spotting!

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Haha thanks man! I didn’t even use lightroom 😂😂😂, just the built in android editor!

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Shots came out great! And the angle is nice. I also spot at KORD. May I ask where did you take these pics from?

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WOW it looks nice.

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Sure. I took these over by the Schiller Park Metra Station

I found the spot thanks to this website.

Happy Spotting!

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Another good spot here in Chicago is the lot of a vacant warehouse just north of 28C. It’s a great location for shots like these:

Only issue is, there are too many clouds here 😞