Spotting at KMIA airport

I went spotting to Miami Intl for a few hours. I was located south of RWY 9 that is next to the cargo area so the major activity are landings and only Cargo departures. Hope you like it.
Cathay Pacific Cargo B 747-8 heading to Houston, TX.
AA Boeing 737MAX-8 inbound from Trinidad and Tobago

Atlas Air Boeing 747-4 heading to Bogota, Colombia

Cargolux Boeing 747-8 heading to Luxembourg

China Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-4 heading to Houston, TX

AA Boeing 767-300 inbound from San Juan, PR 🇵🇷

FK Cargo DC-10 inbound from Bogota, Colombia.

Avianca Aibus a330-200 also inbound from Bogota, Colombia.

Atlas Air Boeing 747-8 on his way to Buenos Aires, Argentina

And to end the day, Lufthansa Airbus a380 inbound from Frankfurt EDDF. First time seeing this beast this close.

There was a few mores but this were the best.


Good shots! I need to make it own to KMIA one of these days.


Great pics! Reminds me of the time I went spotting there. The A380 is a massive beast, I remember being excited for seeing the plane that close up!

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@Jay757 nice pics! Really liked the DC-10


Yes !! We were like 10 people’s there and everybody got out their cars to see it.
@Delta319 I’m glad… and like almost every DC-10/MD-11I’ve seen, it was slammed into the runway😅

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Great variety of heavies, nice shots :)



I love these photos! Great job! 🙃

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