Spotting at KMDT (Harrisburg)

I’m currently on vacation in Harrisburg PA, the main reason I came was for the biggest mopar car show of the country. Even cars from out of the country came! But back on topic, I was able to go spotting at the observation deck at Harrisburg International Airport for a few hours. Sorry for some of them being low quality, I didn’t have a professional camera on me, just my iPhone 6 that has really crappy zoom quality. I was even pretty lucky to witness a rare 737-200. Pictures don’t do it justice, you had to be there to truly witness the beauty of the airport and planes. Please request permission if you want to use these in any way!

N701SK, an American CRJ-700 taxing to the gate after a 2 hour flight from ORD.

A Delta CRJ-200, N8891A, pushes back to Detroit (KDTW). In the background is N107SY, a United E175 taxiing to the gate after landing from ORD.

The United E175 pulls in to the gate, behind it is N953AT, a Delta 717-200 landing from Atlanta (ATL).

N107SY rests at the gate next to N15572, an E145 that got diverted from Newark. It was originally going to KCLE but got diverted to Harrisburg this morning for an unknown reason and has been here all day sitting at the gate. As of now (9:15 PM) it hasn’t taken off yet, and according to flightaware I don’t know it’s next flight plan.

Double Delta: N8891A begins its taxi to runway 31 for a flight to Detroit while N953AT taxiis to the gate from ATL.

N953AT pulls in to gate A1.

Some afternoon action on the west side of the concourse.

VERY RARE! Sierra Pacific (N703S) Boeing 737-200 landing from Boise (KBOI).

N703S taxiis to its parking space.

Delta pilot doing the exterior check before the planes return flight to ATL.

N107SY pushes back heading to ORD.

N107SY begins its taxi to runway 31.

N641AE, American Eagle 145 rolls down the runway for takeoff heading to Boston, in front of it is N878GA, an Allegiant MD80 taxiing after coming in from KSFB (Orlando-Sanford).

N953AT pushing back.

N878GA taxiis past N15572 to its gate on the other side of the concourse.

N953AT begins taxi to runway 31.

N366PH, a United Express Dash 8-200 (former Continental Connection) lands from IAD (Washington Dulles).

N366PH pulls in next to its (somewhat) bigger cousin.


I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Any questions feel free to ask.


Nice spots, that classic 737 looks cool! The Embraer’s winglets look a little peculiar angled outwards so much.

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I agree with you, it’s bigger in person so it look even more odd 😂

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Nice pics! Did you say hi to @Nick_Catalano?

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The Rare 737 Came From KBOI yeaaaa IDAHO!!

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Didn’t see him and I don’t even know him lol

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Lol he was more active before you joined.

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Great photos Rocco! Hope you enjoyed the spotting experience.

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I love the new Embraer winglets, saw them on a Delta E-Jet (E170 I think) at KSEA.


Great photos bud! Love the fresh colors of the aircrafts.

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@RTG113 I’m assuming Carlisle?

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Yep, had a great time!

Thank you! It looks much better in person

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Awesome! Been there many times for different events, I only live a couple hours away. Great pictures!

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I’m taking a little vacation right now, but I’m still watching ;) Fantastic photos by the way. It’s great to see some of our community spotters visit my local airport.


Thank you! I really love the airport, it’s organized and great facilities.

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