Spotting at KLAX

Hey there! A few days ago, I went to Burbank Airport in California, USA. Today, I went to KLAX, Los Angeles Int’l Airport for a 9 hour (yes, I know I’m crazy) spotting session. Here are my 6 best. Please let me know how they are! Constructive criticism welcome. PM me if you would like to see more! Thanks for reading!


Great pics! Would love to see more😁👍

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Beautiful Asiana A380!

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Great Pics! Love of China Airlines Boeing 777, Asiana A380 and Singapore 777. I was at LAX a about a month ago! Also What camera are you using?

Suggestions: You should edit your photos in Photoshop first to remove the vignette effect (black outline around your picture) and sharpen them a bit. PM me if you need help

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Alright, Thanks! I am using a CamKix telephoto lens. It has 12X zoom.


Oh your using an phone. These are great shots! but I suggest you if you can get a camera for better quality ;)

Another problem you are having is you have a dirty lenses. I used a effect called detail extractor on Photoshop that can pick out details from each shot. As you can see under the photos below, there are lots of black smudges in the image.

I tried editing these images for you. Feel free to you use if you like them. Unfortunately you have a dirty lenses which makes color correcting, vignette removal, filters, and sharpening really tough.


Thanks! I’m not sure why the lens is dirty. I tried cleaning it when I noticed that, but I’ll try again.

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All too over saturated to my liking

My take on the AA787

Oh my! That Asiana A380 looked like it was hovering over the runway without a nose wheel! Yet the bus was covering it.

Great optical illusion

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