Spotting at KLAX (3/11/18)

Hello Everyone!
Today I went spotting at Los Angeles International Airport and got some nice pictures for y’all. Runway 25R was closed so all the operations on the south side were on 25L. Enjoy the photos friends!

This Cathay Pacific 777-300ER was headed to Hong Kong. (B-KPJ)

Lufthansa A380-800 arriving from Frankfurt. (D-AIME)

Here is a United 777-300ER departing off to Newark. (N2332U)

This Delta A330-300 was taxing to the terminal. (N826NW)

This United 737-900ER was rotating off to Houston. (N69810)

Here is an Alaska 737-800 headed to San Jose. (N526AS)

This American A321 is headed to Dallas. (N975UY)

American 737-800 headed to DCA. (N971NN)

Air Canada A321-200 taxiing after landing from Vancouver. (C-FGKP)

This Spirit bananabus A319-200 is headed to New Orleans. (N525NK)

Allegiant A319-200 exiting 25L after landing from Tulsa. (N303NV)

Southwest Triple Crown One headed to Puerto Vallarta. (N409WN)

This Alaska E175 is off to Mexico City. (N192SY)

I hope you all enjoyed the photos, and please tell me which is your favorite!
I will be posting more on my Instagram.
Have a great day!


Lucky! I wish I could spot at LAX. Oh well, love the A380!


Nice shots, I especially love the Alaskan 737, just amazing


Must be unbelievably luck to live close to Los Angles International. The airport has such a great diversity of planes and airlines.


Very nice photos, Cole. The weather today wasn’t very good which made it hard for me to see the aircraft fly above my home but I sure did hear them. That American a321 looks very good!


Amazing visuals of those birds eh!!! You have a wonderful eye for capturing great shots of the things that us Aviation lover dearly love!!! Kudos to you mate!!

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Spectacular. Love the Cathay! obviously.
What camera do you use?


Cathay New livery wow can’t admire this more

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It is the Panasonic LUMIX!

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I went to the iheart music festival today which so happened to be directly under the final approach. I saw that Lufthansa come in. Some great weather we’ve been having :)

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Awesome! I’ve spotted D-AIME before!

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That Cathay looks Marvelous 😍
Love the angle you took those take-off pics from!

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Awesome plane spotting

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I just realized that AC A321, new livery! That’s sick!

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Did you take those at Clutter’s Park?

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Yup, it was Jim Clutters Park.

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The Lufthansa A388 is always a sight a to acknowledge and admire. Great photos.

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This is coming to LAX. Maybe you could get it.

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Wow. Looks like when I go to Burbank for the spring, I might wanna check out LAX as well.

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those airplanes are beatifule. Nice spotting :)

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