Spotting at KJFK

I went spotting after my flight home (Check my other topic, Delta Flight 6208). I got some cool pics! Some were bad quality as I rushed to get many because they technically didn’t allow taking photos on the parking garage. (I ignored them)

I captured this beauty, a JetBlue Airbus A320 New York International Livery while getting out of the bus that took us to the terminal.

Another beauty! The Etihad Airlines A380!

A first time seeing this one! Copa Airlines 737

Air India 777 (Blue tint is because of terminal window)

Aeroflot 777 taking off in the distance! Never seen this one before!

Tail of an Emirates A380

Now the good stuff. I went to the parking garage and got some great (and not great) photos!

Virgin Atlantic A330

JetBlue A320

Tail of Caribbean Airlines 737

Tail of BA 747

Delta Airlines 757

Delta Airlines 737

Egypt air 777

Etihad 777: Another First for me!

American Airlines 737; Astrojet Livery

ANA 777

Aeromexico 737

Aerolineas Argentinias A330

Deer Jet 787

An Executive jet and an American Airlines 737-800

Finally, an AirBerlin A330

Please do not use without permission
Taken with a Canon Powershot SX60HS
Thanks for looking if you made it this far!
Expect another JFK topic and a small HPN atopic in the near future!


Awesome shots! I would love to spot at JFK someday. :)

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@brunocr98 he got a Copa!

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Congratulations! They have many flights to NYC.


All those pictures are good. Some are better than others though, like the Aerolíneas Argentinas A332, or that BA 747!
JFK must be an absolute paradise!


Wow! They are spectacular! I really can’t choose which ones I like best, the furthest I’ve narrowed it down to is the garage ones! 😜

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The afternoon, especially during the summer is a marvelous time to spot at JFK. During the summer JFK serves the most destinations with TONS of different airlines.

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That is quite true:)

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Very nice captures 👍


Love the ANA 777, great photo’s.

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Nice Pictures there.

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