Spotting At KIAD

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share some photos at Dulles. Sorry in advance if the photos are bad quality

Emirates A380

AirFrance 777

Qatar Airways 777

United Express

Which was you favorite? Thanks for viewing!


Hey! I would
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Ok thanks!

Looks like it has been fixed!

Back on topic

Great Photos!

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DCA Superiority 💪💪💪

Nice shots, good to see some more DMV action

Thanks! Yes for dc!

Great shots!

Looks more like a B77W to me.

True but the shot was taken far away and I checked that Qatar flys the a350 to KIAD

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Just because the regularly fly the A350 to KIAD, doesn’t mean they always do.

It’s a 777-300ER, as the A350-1000 has very minimal gear tilt, which, compared to the 777-300ER has very noticeable tilt, and that can be seen quite clearly if you zoom in a tad.


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