Spotting at KFLL

I went to FLL Fort Lauderdale Intl this evening for some spotting and came across some nice aircrafts.
Alligeant “Make a Wish” livery. Make a Wish is a Non-profitable organization that grants one wish to kids with terminal illness or conditions. They took my little niece to DisneyLand as her wish last December.

United Boeing 737Max 9. Those engines sound amazing at idle.

Air Canada Rougue Boeing 767

Azul Airbus a330. Beautiful aircraft.

Southwest Boeing 737Max 8, and BahamasAir landing on the backgroung
While the Southwest 737Max8 is taxing to the runway, I checked flightradar and saw that another Southwest 737Max8 was on final. The picture is not so great but…

And before I left, I waited for this badboy to arrive.
Norwegian Boeing 787-8 coming from Charles De Gaulles


I was scrolling through and was like, “where is the Norwegian?”.
And there it is at the bottom 😅

Nice pics, they look very good :)


These photos look fantastic, but there is a maximum of 10 photos per thread :)



I havn’t been in this Forum for a while so I wasn’t aware of the new rule, thanks for the heads up👍🏾

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The MAX is amazing. The MAX 9 I flew on United had that new plane smell.

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I haven’t seen any 737Max in person before, and today I had the pleasure to see not only one but 3😄.

FLL is getting all the love. Sorry MIA. Though it seems like UA/B6 favor FLL and AA/DL favor MIA.

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This MAX was also heading to FLL!

Nice pictures, really liked them.


Thank you !
That picture is really nice… I need to get me a nice camera for this kinda stuff. I guess that was in Houston ? Its the same aircraft in my picture and he was heading to Houston George Bush intl.

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So far the MAX is only flying out of Houston. Flights from LAX will start on June 29th to HNL.

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Yes. I’m a spotter in Houston.


What kind of camera/lense did you use for this? I’m trying to get into spotting and need some camera suggestions.

P.S. I’ve seen some of your other photography, it looks awesome! Great job!

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Canon T5 with a 75-300mm lens. I’m upgrading to an 80D soon.


I was there on Saturday. That Azul livery definitely stood out.

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SMH Jacob…nice picture though…


You don’t need a great camera, they all have around the same quality image sensor. It’s all about the photographer. There’s a lot of trial and error.


I went to Amazon and find a bundle of that same Canon T5 with that same 75-300mm lens for $441.

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