Spotting at KDFW 4-21-18

Greeting IFC Members,
On 4-21-18 I was at Founders Plaza @ DFW Airport, it was a rare North Flow day to expect some new angles in the below pictures. Some interesting catches included a Cargolux 747-8f

Before the Pictures lets Take Care of Some Business

Please note that all my pictures are copyrighted so contact me if you’d like to reuse them

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I am also on JetPhotos and I have 6 pics currently in their database and hope to get many more in the coming weeks/months

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Time for the Pictures!!


Constructive Criticism and Feedback is always welcome and greatly appreciated

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Thanks and Enjoy


Very cool snaps you have there. Never seen many pictures of the Prime Air aircraft so great to see that!


Nice pic. The Amazon Fanboy approves of your Prime Air shot.


Hey you’re here! Nice catches @Boeing777x, really nice catches.
Do you have an idea of what the last 747 is?


That Cargolux 748 looks stunning! Love the photos, definetly going to check out your Instagram.



It says on the side it’s an Atlas Air 747. Weird that it doesn’t have the Atlas Livery.


Hmm I wonder who operates that generic 744

Like @Cbro4 said, most likely atlas air. They tend to have generic aircraft like that


That last picture is N404KZ, a 747-400ERF owned and operated by Atlas Air, it was purchased from Nippon Cargo Airlines in August of 2017.


Amazon’s livery on their 767s look so good 😍

Nice photos!

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Ooooh very nice pics. Love the prime air…the liver is just amazing! Hope you enjoyed!

Nice pictures from my hometown airport!! Really enjoyed viewing them, keep it up!

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Awesome! I love when people take pictures from my home airport :)

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Yeah that is an Atlas Air 747 operated on behalf of Qantas Freight

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Some great photos and I would love to go to Dallas one time

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