Spotting At KDCA ft. Denoise

Hola to everyone, I hope you’re doing well today. I bring you photos from my first time spotting at DCA (with a camera). The date was December 1st, the time was 3:30ish in the PM. The main reason I went down to the airport was to catch the United SAF MAX 8 from ORD, though there turned out to be a lot of interesting bizjets that flew in while I was there. The lighting was great for the first few planes, but then it got kinda dark, and de-noise proved to be extremely useful. Anyways, thats all I’ll say for now. Enjoy the photos!

A cool Challenger 350 arriving from somewhere in some sexy lighting

@Robertine birb

Next up is a G600 landing from Someplace, USA with some contrast

Arriving after that was a WN MAX 8 from Houston Hobby

A common sight at DCA, an AA E175 coming in from Atlanta

The star of the day, the United MAX 8 running one engine, not both, on a sustainable fuel. Coming in from O’Hare

Arriving later was an Alaska A321N from the City by the Bay, otherwise known as SFO

Wrapping up the topic is a Southwest 737-700 landing after a flight from Milwaukee

I hope you enjoyed, let me know which was your favorite! I hope to have another topic soonish. See you later :)

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Nice spotting!

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Hey!! We’re lens brothers (got a 3400)

Nice spotting 😎

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B i r b

great shots!

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Beautiful @Aviation108!! Can’t wait to see more! Love the G600

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This is stunning! great shots man!

One more thing
I flew on this bird in April from RSW-GRR, it was just repainted in the heart liver

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You on the bike path side, or the marina side, both are great! when ever i take a bike ride i always stop to look and spot planes landing or taking off at the park!

Well done🍪

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These shots are amazing! wow, mate. Great work!

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Niceeeee, i’m loving it so far


Thanks blake! who doesn’t love a Gulfstream


sweet! it’s a kinda small world innit

I was sorta in between the parking lot and the highway. thanks!

I appreciate it! Thanks!


United Hyping up a flight with only half sustainable aviation fuel:

Plane looking shiny. Amazing pics 🔥🔥

  1. who’s denoise, is that your new love attraction who will leave you in two weeks like all other 9th grade relationships

  2. good shots kiddo, you do know how to work a camera

Remember that Key and Peele skit with the substitute teacher? Well it’s like that except cringier.

Even though it’s only one engine on SAF, it’s definitely another step towards increased sustainability in aviation.

The new Alaska livery really suits what I consider to be the best Airbus narrowbody.

Loved the angles, especially on the 7th and 9th photos. Keep up the great work!

the most fitting description ever


Like you know remotely anything about being in a relationship, silly rocco

This warmed my heart Rocco, youre being nice to me finally 🥺🥺🥺 Thank you 😊

Yeah, but after all the hype they created around the flight, it was kinda a let down

The alaska livery will always be one of the prettiest liveries imo

Thanks! I particularly like that angle since it caught some of the last bits of light

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