Spotting at KCLT!

An American Airlines Airbus A321-200 departing KCLT for MMCZ.

An American A320 in front of the soon-to-be operational tower pulling up the buttering devices.

Another A321 departing CLT.
This trip was not interfered with by wannabe security guards.


great shots! Well done!

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Wannabe security?

Really nice! CLT is one of my favorite airports! I’m sure @Butter_Boi will love this!


Ah yes, the bane of plane spotting in America. Luckily rare in other countries from my experience

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Love this photo!
I love A321’s!!!

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Some jackwagon in an airport truck last weekend told me I was “too close to the fence”, and the runway was some 500 feet away from where I was.

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Ah yes, thanks for tagging me, @snoman. Those photos look great, @thenewpilot!

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@thenewpilot I have never had an Issue spotting at CLT so what you are describing sounds odd to me.

I think I may have just caught the employee on a bad day.

the hill that the spotting area sits on is also higher than the fence. I wonder why anyone would need to be near the fence as well was probably weird for them as I have seen only little kids go anywhere near the fence.

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Well a fence in a photo isn’t that appealing, is it?

Never have I ever in Northern or Southern operations got the fence in a photo and if I did could easily crop it.

Well I was at Wilson Air Centre.

oh so you weren’t at the spotting hill that all makes sense now. What camera and lenses do you use. The Wilson Air Center is a private aircraft hanger for GA and business jets you can see how they may have found it odd. I can give you some good CLT spotting locations if you need them though.


Love the A321! Makes me quite sad in these times to know it may be a while till the next flight, but really nice pictures! Great post, thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Me wonder what it would take for Misha or someone else to like this?

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Probably right timing? Had three pretty successful (in my opinion) Spotting topics already and don’t think the team ever saw/liked them. But that isn’t the main thing, is it?

Nope. Just here to share some dope quality photos.

Great Photos, Stay safe and keep up the good work.