Spotting At KBUR

Hi there! My parents took me to Burbank, California to visit friends, and I decided to check out the local airport, KBUR, with my new telephoto lense. Keep in mind this is my first telephoto lense! Constructive criticism welcome! Now, let’s get to the good stuff!image

Thanks for your time!


Nice photos! When I go to my aunts house, I always go under the airport with that tunnel and I always see the same UP Airlines plane there. Pretty nice airport! :)

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Hey, someone spotting close by (5 hours away)! These are absolutely awesome photos, and I love the aperture on your lens, definitely makes the color pop. One thing I would suggest is that some of your photos are a tad blurry. One suggestion for this is to just use manual focus and take your time.

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Is there something wrong with your lens or is that just the way you edited them? Some of them look extremely distorted. Thanks for sharing the photos nonetheless.

I’m not sure why it has the curvature around the sides, unfortunately.

obviously its not the best quality, but i dont know why but i like the last shot hahaha awesome dude!

Oh, those shiny close ups, nice

Zoomed too close for my liking tbh

Except the wing shot

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