Spotting at KAPA! (F-18)

Went spotting at KAPA today. I mainly went for the F-18, but here are some of the photos!

Air Force T-1 Jayhawk

Beechcraft King Air

Embraer E-145

Last, but not least, the


Had lots of fun! What do you think?


Any idea on why the F18 is doing at KAPA? It doesn’t seem to be a airforce base, more of a airport for private jets and GAs.

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Navy F-18s come out here once in a while. Usually for training missions.


Those F-18s come by Centennial every Sunday, and they’re really loud! Also, who does the E-145 belong to?

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Victory Air. No idea who they are.

Nice photos. Hoping to spot at KLUK soon, which gets similar traffic (besides the F-18).

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Ooh, pretty pictures! That F-18 is really something! :O

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I live in Melbourne Australia and seen the Hornets many times

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