Spotting at José Maria Cordova Intl Airport, Medellín, Colombia ( TO COLOMBIA IN LUXURY SPOTTING )

Here are some arrivals I caught here at José Maria Cordova Intl Airport in Medellín, Colombia 🇨🇴 back when I was here around mid June and before we go on, this spotting session is primarily for @The_JuanCap who requested me to do spotting here at MDE back when I did spotting at El Dorado Intl when I went to Bogotá for my Mom’s Aunts Funeral back in May and I stuck to my word and did it! Sorry if I left you waiting for almost 2 months but its here now enjoy!

Just like how we started CLO’s spotting, here we begin with another Avianca Airbus A320-200 from Bogotá 🇨🇴

Another Avianca A320 this one is inbound from Cali 🇨🇴 the city im most familiar with in the whole country.

Here we have Avianca’s main domestic rival, A LATAM Airbus A320-200 coming once again from San Andrés Island 🇨🇴

Another LATAM A320 arriving from Cartagena 🇨🇴 and back in late March 2022, A LATAM A320 flying MDE → CTG was forced back to MDE after the nose gear had a malfunction, similar to the JetBlue incident back in 2005!

Enough of Airbuses, let’s get to the Boeing aircraft’s serving MDE, 1st up is an Aeroméxico Boeing 737-800 arriving all the way from Mexico City, Mexico 🇲🇽

Copa B737-800 from Panamá City, Panamá 🇵🇦

Once again an American Airlines B737-800 arriving from Miami 🇺🇸🏝️😎

Airbus A320-200 arriving from Fort Lauderdale 🇺🇸🏝️🛥️ but it’s jetBlue this time around instead of the usual Spirit you’d expect.

This time, the Spirit Air “BUS” was heading to Orlando 🇺🇸🐭🏰 instead, quite interesting if you ask me.

Wrapping up the spotting session at MDE is this Magnificent Air Europa Boeing 787-9 arriving all the way from Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸 one day I’ll love to try our flying from Colombia to Spain anyways that would end my spotting here at MDE I hope you enjoyed it and now I gotta get ready for that convention here it Atlanta, Georgia and stay tuned for tomorrow as we fly back to the 305 with frontier and decide if they were better or worse than spirit but enough of that between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


nice! hope to see more of these in the future

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For sure! ( probably not doing ATL though )

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Nice Spotting ;)

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Thanks, glad you liked it!