Spotting at JFK


British Airways 747 oneworld livery from London Heathrow

Singapore A380 chilling at the gate while a Etihad A380 taxis to the runway


Skyteam 777 departing


Air India 777 taxing to runway on its way to New Delhi


JFK’s ATC tower


Qatar 777 slowing down


Lot 787 arriving


Virgin Atlantic A330 pulling into the gate


Carribbean 737 from Port of Spain


American A321 crossing a bridge


Nice pictures. Around what time did you get that Air India 777? I was on the LI Expressway and I saw an Air India 777 climbing out heading northeast at around 9,000 feet, that may be the same one!

I took the picture at about 2:45 and it took off at about 3 o clock

Yep then that was it.
If you took that picture of the Etihad A380 around the same time, then I saw it as well

Remember 10 pictures per topic!! Nice photos though!!

Nice photos, the one with a380s is so cool! The last one looks an a321 though.

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Nice photos. I like LOT 787 the most. 😁

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As someone else mentioned, please remember we have a 10 photo limit for each topic. In this case, “sorry for the quality” is a great chance to exclude a shot to remain within the limit in an effort to continue improved quality here on the forum. Thanks and nice catches!


I’m pretty sure I saw the Etihad a380 and the air India 777 fly above my house depending on the time these pictures were taken it may be the ones in the pictures.

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That’s actually an a321 with Sharklets bro.

wow nice 18-55mm cool

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