Spotting at JFK terminal 8

I apologise if someone of these are blurry but I tried my best, more pictures will be added when taking off.

Most planes I’ve seen (because I’m at terminal 8) are landing at… I think it’s runway 13L. Planes are landing every 1 minute & 20 seconds, as accurate as I can get. More pictures will be added later when I get WiFi!


@mishacamp does this cross your line?


You want me to track your flight

Yep, 2 seconds I’ll get the flight number - B777-200ER American airlines to Heathrow.

Alright sounds great

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Please take time to repost after going through these and removing the ones that are far too blurry and very distant. They are not spotting photos if you have to play ‘guess who airline addition’. Thanks (: