Spotting at JFK, LAX

Lufthansa 359 performing the “SKORR4” SID out of JFK, on it’s way to Munich. This departure is known as the “Canarsie Climb” from JFK spotters.

The Lufthansa 359 v2! This was a special night with one of my closest friends, Vincenzo. Some of you may know him as @aerovincenzo, or @jfkjetsofficial on IG.

Okay, last A350, I promise. This Delta 359 was loading up for its flight to ATL. Seen from above, from a helicopter.

A little bit of A2A (Air 2 Air) magic here at LAX, as this American A321 flares over the piano keys of runway 24L at LAX, as seen from a helicopter.

This A340-500 was an absolute pleasure to spot, given the lack of these beautiful birds still flying today.

This shot was reposted by the official United Airlines account on Instagram, so it holds a special place in my heart. The United 757-200 “Her Art Here” seen from above at LAX.

Gear Used:
Sony A7iii
Sony 100-400 GM
Sony 200-600
Sony A1


HerArtHere. Probably one of my favorite liveries ever made! Amazing photos

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Awesome photos! Also, do you have an Instagram page?

Hi man, do you forget and I too recognize Airbus more long car size also 5+5 total 10 more doors only 600 and isn’t 500 less 8 doors.

The plane is an Airbus A340-600. Thanks. It has a good day you enjoy the plane.

What did you just say

Yeah, @spotting.ny is the tag.

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I think he’s trying to say the difference between the -500 and -600


Oh. Gotcha. 😂


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