Spotting at JFK - For the First Time

Hi everyone! I recently went spotting at JFK for the first time with a real camera, staying at the TWA hotel. (This was my second experience there, but first with a real camera) Enjoy the shots!

A Cathay 747-8 blasting off 22R bound for Atlanta!

A Latam 787-9 taxiing to it’s gate at Terminal 4, after it’s long-haul 8 hour flight from Santiago.

A Delta 767-332(ER) taxiing our to runway 22R for its flight out to Los Angeles!

A Japan Air 787-8 vacating runway 22L after landing from its long haul flight from Tokyo-Haneda.

Here we have a Korean Air 777-3B5(ER) ready to cross 22R after landing on 22L, following its long flight from Seoul.


We were supposed to meet… 😔


if only you had booked a room!!

Second one the best no printer only fax


Excellent Photos Mate keep up the good work!


I agree lovely photos you took*

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Thanks!! I like that one too.


They let me up on the roof deck anyways.


Thanks!! I appreciate it.

Thank you so much!

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Will do! Thanks for the compliment!

Amazing photo 🤩


thanks!! i appreciate that!

Great photos!

thanks very much!

I am speechless 😶 Those are so gorgeous.

Great photos! I always love seeing pics of my home airport when I’m away! ❤️

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