Spotting at JFK 7/24/19

These are assorted photos (not in order, some overedited, underedited, and badly edited. XD) from my spotting trip at JFK today! A warning: The size of the images makes them look a bit more dull in color.

Lufthansa A380

Air China 747-8

British Airways 747-400

Alitalia 777-300ER

Finnair A330-300

Aer Lingus A330-300

These take forever to edit, so only 6.

If you would like to try and edit this better, DM me, and I will email you the RAW file.

Thanks for looking at my photos! Comment down below your thoughts, criticisms (probably for my editing), and questions. Thanks!


Those are great photos man. I think you should tone down the contrast on some like the Alitalia and Air China. You get these unwanted “shadows”. The body is bright but the tail and underside are quite dark. The Finnair is probably my favorite

Finnair looks fantastic

That helps a lot, I was wondering how one gets rid of those. Thank you for the compliment (and criticism)!


I have to agree, but I may be biased. XD

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What editing software do you use?

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Adobe Lightroom. I’m not worthy of such a wonderful piece of software.


Lightroom is really good. In fact, tons of people including myself use it.

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That’s true. It’s the epitome of photo editing software (along with Photoshop).

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Aer Lingus A330, which will be added to the top post. I will add more to the top until I get to the limit of 10.


I love the Lufthansa A380. It’s good edited

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Thank you so much!


D-AIMA „Frankfurt am Main“ the first Lufthansa A380

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I didn’t know that! Wow!

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I live close to Frankfurt. One of Lufthansa’s hubs and I saw this plane often.

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Well, thank you for telling me! That photo means a lot more to me now.

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No problem

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Btw. Alitalia only has one 777-300ER

I was luckier than I thought…

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