Spotting at JFK @202330ZJUN19

Hello IFC!

So instead of putting these on to my other post, JFK vs. LGA, I thought I should just make a new topic for ya’ll to see my spotting photos from my recent travels around the north east. These were taken either inside the plane or the airport from my flight to SLC. Enjoy!

When: 2019-06-20T23:30:00Z2019-06-21T01:30:00Z

Where: John F. Kennedy International (JFK)

My 737 to Salt Lake City from Terminal 2
An Air France 77W parked on the opposite terminal

Taxiing to 22R past a RJ 787

Found a tasty Qatar 77W

Taxing by BA 747s

The rivals face off

Cute little Speedbird one going out to conker the atlantic

Very attractive KLM 787 behind me along with a chunky 777 behind her

Post takeoff and over the atlantic

I hope ya’ll enjoyed!

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I hope you have enjoyed your flight! Love Delta. 💙❤️

And great catches! 👍

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Very descriptive words there… ;)

Anywaysssss, nice, and very lucky shots, as down here in Richmond, we get the usual CRJ or Embraer.

Delta’s seats are very attractive and comfortable!

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Nice photos 👍

Bet that’s headed to London-city


Well why else would it be at JFK? haha I love that little thing

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When you said tasty I thought it was nasty!

Nice! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

Nice photos! How did they Qatar 777 taste?
Hope you had a good flight!

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@Butter_Boi it tasted beefy because the plane looks like a massive sausage except purple


It has to be #9. Views like that over our planet’s oceans just stun me.

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