Spotting at IND but

This has to be the most interesting time planespotting I have ever had. There were lots of good and lots of bad but it turned out to be fun.

AA 737-800 coming in from dallas

Then we have what I went there for N267WN coming in from PHX BUT ALLEGIANT HAD TO RUIN IT WITH THERE APU😡 This was where things started to go bad

Another Shot of the 737-700 Note the person staring at me in the allegiant plane. This was just weird

A republic E jet

N313NV pushing back for SAV With the person still staring lol

Then we have N7721E in the heart colors Which said it was a canyon blue on FR24

After this I noticed airport police staring at me from below the parking garage and I thought I might get kicked out but fortunately I didn’t

Im going to make a second topic where the spotting went better later
Also insta if you want it I post more on there

If you’ve made it this far thanks


Allegiant 😍

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All-e-giant is overrated

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🤣🤣🤣 most say it’s underrated

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e-giant is worst card in clash royale-- I mean all-e-giant is worse to fly than spirit, but has a nice livery


I spotted at IND last summer and I wish I knew about the spot you are at. Amazing photos.

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The parking garage is the best place right now do to a runway being closed. Also thanks

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