Spotting at IAD (2/3 spotting series)

Here’s where the fun begins😈! I drove to Dulles to spot at busy hour to catch all the heavies and specialty airlines that come to the Nations Capital. Here is some of what I caught!

Sad that SAS doesn’t bring their A330’s anymore😕

Star Alliance Livery on United’s 777 from Houston

Qatar proudly showing off their Fifa World Cup sticker

A rich person too bothered to drive from Baltimore in a Cessna Citation 680

Southern Cargo sneaking there C208’s into IAD from Morgantown

The King is back at IAD🤴🇬🇧

The Queen following shortly after

This Porter Q400 that probably broke something upon landing it was so hard and loud ( DON’T… you dare )

That’s all for now, check out my 1st spotting topic from DCA with this Spotting numero 1 of 3 (DMV Spotting) link. Next, I’m going to spot at BWI, catching all the special liveries I can find. In @BennyBoy_Alpha ’s way of closing a sentence,
Have a great day!
~ EnthusiasticAviation


Very nice! I didn’t realize SAS flew to Washington with the A321neo.

Have a great rest of your day!
~ Ben

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Yeah it’s a new shift change

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Is it just me, or did someone else think it was taking off?


Early flare and camera tilt helped with the illusion😂

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CPH-BOS, CPH-IAD and soon CPH-EWR, AAL-EWR and GOT-EWR. Especially the latter ones show what cool opportunities the A321(X)LR opens up!


I miss the butter (SAS never did butter), but the butter landings you can’t get with A321’s

Great pictures! Can’t say no to an LR, A380 and B747-8i! Especially the A380 gives me some great flashbacks to when I was at IAD as part of my first stay in the US last summer and saw it parked at the gate!

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It’s so exhilarating when you can feel the 4 rolls royce engines immense thrust

why…just why…

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Awwww. Not a cargo plane. lol. Southern Airways Express doesn’t have any cargo ops unfortunately. But I did however fly 1154F in my past. Just about 73hrs flying that ol bird.


It’s called ✨money✨

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Oh… are they pax or touring thing?

Not touring. They’re a commuter airline. Tons of routes all over the US. Few years ago they bought out Mokulele, Air Choice One, SurfAir, and some others. They’re the largest commuter airline in the states at the moment. Tickets cost less than $100. Most are often in that $50-70 range.

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I think I might be buying a ticket to Morgantown soon then🤔

MGW actually is one of the more expensive tickets. lol. $99.

Here’s their website

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Well darn…

I learned why the A321 have so much trouble buttering it’s because it’s so much longer than other A320 versions that a steep flare would cause a tail strike

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that’s what she said :)


Yep… as…. I… guessed