Spotting at Hong Kong! (inc A359s)

Bonjour forum minions!

Only kidding with the heading. Anyway as some of you may know I have been away for a few weeks in Hong Kong. Turns out there are some amazing places to spot there! If you go to T2 they have a viewing deck that costs around $2 of so for the entire day. However if you make sure you have an umbrella for shade as there is literally none!

Anyway I took some photos of cool aircraft. They aren’t the best as I had the settings poorly adjusted for the sun as I didn’t appreciate just how sunny it was. I have many many more that I will put on Flickr soon. All photos are unedited exluding some minor retouching where I had forgotten to clean the lense. Photos cannot be used without permission.


Beautilful pics Misha! Wish I ha daomewhere taht nice to spot at!


Nice photos indeed! That A380 with the BA livery looks great!


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What camera did you use?

I think he used the Unicorn Cam 3000

I actually have no idea

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She? Are you crazy bro

Misha = man

@MishaCamp that’s was a mistype. It’s really hard to type on my iPad. Really really sorry about hat.

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Nice pics. What were you doing in hkg?

MISHA YOU WENT TO HONG KONG? Why didn’t you find me?

Cries in corner. Nice pics from skydeck


Got bored to be honest and I travel places


So basically:

Ugh, so bored! You know what? I’ll travel across the world to get some amazing spotting pics just to show them to my community friends :D


Man I wish I could do that😂😂


Yeah that’s pretty much what I do haha. I’m going to Dublin soon too just because I could (a little less exciting than HK but still fun)

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Sorry, next time man! I was there to chill and not talk to anyone 😉

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When your traveling,

Take me with you?

Ahhh. If you go to Vancouver/Hong Kong give me a shout

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Haha Canada is actually on my list of places to go in the next few years (:


I’m not sure that’s how it works 😉

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