Spotting at Hong Kong Airport with Swithord

After over a year and a half of flying together and talking, myself and @Swithord finally got together while he is back in Hong Kong for a bit and did some spotting. It was a great experience and as my first proper spotting session where I am not travelling myself I thoroughly enjoyed it and might start going more often. And maybe at some point, investing in a camera. But for my phone is all I have. We were avidly paying attentioon to Flightradar24 as we were spotting so I will list all of the flight numbers and routes. I have a lot more pictures than this but these are the ones I thought were the best. But hey maybe I will post a part two, who knows! Enjoy!

First up was a China Airlines B737-800, this was operating flight CI932 from Hong Kong to Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The next flight was a HK Express A321, decorated in its special “Reward-U” livery. This aircraft was operating flight UO626 from Hong Kong to Seoul Incheon, South Korea.

Next up was a very heavy Cathay Pacific A350-900, operating as CX840 from Hong Kong to New York JFK, USA. This one was super heavy as it used nearly the entire runway to get up into the air, hense why it is so low.

Next was one of the stars of the show, a Fiji Airways A330-300, operating flight number FJ392 from Hong Kong to Nadi, Fiji.

Shortly following was a DHL B777F, operating as flight D03 from Hong Kong to Nagoya, Japan. And the Americans think they are the only ones with banana planes!

Given we were at Hong Kong airport we got plenty of Cathay Pacific aircraft, this one an A330-300, which was operating flight CX743 from Hong Kong to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Then I got to see the China Airlines A321neo, which was a first for me, I was very happy with this! This beautiful aircraft was operating flight CI916 from Hong Kong to Taipei Taoyuan, Taiwan.

We then got the other star of thje show, the queen! This Kalitta Air B747-400F must have been super heavy because it was really low when it passed us, but what do you expect from such a workhorse! This B747-400F was operating flight K4703 from Hong Kong to Seoul Incheon, South Korea.

Following with the Cargo trend we got a lovely Emirates SkyCargo B777F, which was operating flight EK9883 from Hong Kong to Dubai, UAE.

And finally we had @Swithord’s favourite (he is quite biased on this one), a Cathay Pacific A350-1000, operated flight CX862 from Hong Kong to Toronto, Canada.

For my first spotting experience this was a great one and I will definitely be going back, just need to figure out when! But for now, thank you for reading, let me know below which one is your favourite and whether I should make a part two as I haved a good few more that I left out of this!


Amazing pictures! These are great quality photos considering you used a phone to take them, and watch out, once you go planespotting for the first time, there’s no way back, it’s an addiction haha

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Why thank you, I appreciate that! I completely agree, it is somewhat addicting. I think next time I wanna go in the morning and hopefully catch some of the A380 traffic and maybe even the Korean A220 that occasionally visits!

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Nice pictures!

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Thank you, much appreciated!

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Pictures look sick especially with the mountains in the background!

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Why thank you! The terrain surrounding Hong Kong airport is one of the things that in my mind makes it special, if you look closely in the back of some of the pictures you will see a cable car as well. That cablecar has some great views of the airport!


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