Spotting At HNL-Where to go?

I have an upcoming trip to HNL. I would love to plane spot here. I checked Plane spotters Guide but I always prefer someone’s opinion who has had experience spotting at this airport. I hear it’s quite strict but anyways tag people from HNL please!

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I would send a message to the user who posted below. Seems like they know their way around the airport!

Oops didnt read that

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I am by no means a expert, I haven’t even been to Hawaii but I think I might know a spot. If you look at Worcester Ave. It goes right into the middle of the airport. Looks like you can get some good views of the taxiways, Landings, and departures.

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OOO sounds great! Thanks!

Not sure about rules going there for plane spotting, but if your a golfer there is a course on that road. It is right next to some taxiways and gives you good views.

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The Mamala Bay golf course is not open to general public. There is only one road in and out of the golf course and the road lead to Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam which is a US Military- Air Force Installation. The golf course is strictly for military personnel Unless you are a current military personnel stationed there or visiting or a former military personnel , have a family member that is stationed there, an FAA ATC worker in which the road to the golf course continues on to the Honolulu Control Facility ATC or a civilian working for DoD or other military contracts authorized by the US federal government that spot would not be a good place. Military ID or common Access Card for civilian contractors is required for access to base or an approval from base commander Even if you are one of those listed above that are authorized base security would most likely have a issue with people taking photos of the base. There is an public spot located west of the airport on Lagoon Drive and a small spotting area for reef runway


Yea, I never ended up going to the golf course. I went to the spot in between 4R and 8R.

That is the only safe spot on Lagoon Drive. Other areas are enforced by law enforcement Hawaii Department of Public Safety, Securitas which also provide law enforcement at airport or MP. Check airport spotter HNL for more information. Some spots are good for filming while others are not good due to active security presence and they will order you to leave.

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