Spotting at HND/RJTT Pt.4

Hello Everyone!
I was at Haneda Intl. Airport again and this time I was with @Pilot_urp
My 60D broke down and it will take a while to fix it so no photos for a while.

Date: 07.31.2019 10:00AM-11:30AM
Weather: Temperature is High, the sky is clear.

!!All pictures are free to save and use!!
I have some good pictures for phone wallpaper, etc.
If you would like to see it please DM me.

Lufthansa A350-941 Taxiing to parking

Japan Airlines B737-846 Taxiing & Japan Airlines B737-846 Taking off RWY16R

Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Thai Airways B747-4D7 Taking off RWY16R

All Nippon Airways B787-9 Dreamliner (Star Alliance livery) Taxiing &
Japan Airlines B767-346ER (Tokyo 2020 Livery) Taking off RWY16R

ANA Ground Crew working on something

Like always my photos aren’t the best but thank you for reading.



Great job getting a diverse amount of aircraft!

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Thank you!


What type of camera do you have? Those shots are beautiful.
This is what my camera is like compared to yours

Awesome! Pics 1,4,5 were my favorites. Look forward to seeing more! Keep it up!!

I use a Canon 60d Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS ISO100 f/4.5-6.3 1/1250-4000
All manual.

60D broke down so I won’t be taking pictures for a while.
But, you can also check out my other topics posted.

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Great pics really nice shots

Thank you!

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Lovely pictures! I really like the Lufthansa A350 in the new colours, it looks stunning!

Nice pics 👍I’ll be editing mine later.
Hopefully you’ll be back to spotting soon. Rip 60D

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