Spotting at Hamilton Island Airport

Hamilton Island Airport, or otherwise known as Great Barrier Reef Airport is quite a small airport. It doesn’t receive anything bigger than a 737/A320. I flew in on Friday and I’ve taken these photos today! (Saturday)

This airport is very quiet and all I saw where a Virgin Australia 737, QantasLink Dash 8, C208 (seaplane version as well!) and 2 helicopters.
Here are the photos!

VOZ 737 from Brisbane Airport. (Arrival, turn around and departure)

QantasLink Dash 8


Hell yeah! Gotta love those Qantas colours dominating the pics 😍😍😍



Please take a look at the new rules for the spotting category!


Great photos! Especially of the Q400-8.

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Awesome pictures, I’m in love with all those birds from the huge 737 to the tiny little cockatoo ;)

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My personal favourite is the Virgin Australia B737-800 touching down. Looks awesome with the Australian scenery behind it. :D

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Yes I enjoyed it very much!

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Very nice! Loved the Virgin Australia 737 touchdown!


Yeah that’s why I edited it! 😂

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