Spotting at Gibraltar [OCT19]

Gibraltar Airport Spotting, October 2019.

Hey everyone! So I was looking back through some pictures on my PC, and I found some from my trip to Gibraltar in October 2019, which was before the Pandemic. Enjoy!

British Airways A320 ready to taxi to Runway 27, morning flight to to London Heathrow. Taken from Winston Churchill Avenue (the road which goes across the runway)

The road was then shut, to allow the aircraft to take off!

Later on in the day, G-EUYC with its reverse thrust deployed! Arriving in from Heathrow.

A Royal Air Force A400M heading back to Brize Norton!

Royal Air Maroc ATR72 back taxiing runway 27, after arriving in from Tangier during Golden Hour!

And finally, spotting my flight back to London! G-EUUT.

Hope you like them!


Stunning shots!

That second to last one is my favorite!

Keep it up!


Thank you!

Yeah, I like that one too, got an awesome view from the terrace ;)


Really nice shots!

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I don’t think I ever saw a ground level spotting session from Gibraltar, but this is really, really cool. Great pictures from this unique location!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, @Sashaz55!

@JulianB Yeah, there is a variety of ‘locations’ in this set of pictures. Some from either side of the runway, and a couple from the airport terrace! :D
I also have pictures from the top of the rock (looking down onto the runway) however, they aren’t the best quality due to me not having the best lenses.

When I was at Gibraltar l sadly all I saw was a Privatised jet taking off… barely.

I wish I could’ve spotted the larger aircraft, great shots!

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Thank you! Yeah I did see a Biz Jet taking off too, although didn’t have my camera on me at the time!

When I first saw RAM Express flying this on Wikipedia, I thought some troll was having a bad day. Apparently its a thing. 😅

I love all of those shots, keep it up!

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Haha, thank you!

Yeah, its a very short hop from Tangier! Daily service too I believe :D

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That flight is going on my bucket list then. 🙂

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Hm yeah it’s cool. Sadly we don’t have the ATR in IF, so I just use the TBM lol

Thanks everyone for liking! :)

G-EUUT 😍😍😍

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Yep, love the Gatwick fleet.

I got G-EUUU on the outbound leg!

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Nice! I’ve flown on both, some of the best 320’s in BA’s fleet.


Great photos! I didn’t know Royal Air Maroc flew through ATR’s.

Yep, they do! I think the livery looks really nice

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awesome pictures as always

Blake | Founder

Thank you!

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