Spotting at Geneva (GVA/LSGG)

I just scrolled through my spotting pictures library and thought it’d be cool if I would share the best ones I took at Geneva (GVA/LSGG). All taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300. Enjoy! :)



The Etihad Regional is by far the best IMO.


Love the Dash 8 one and the little Saab 2000.

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Oh woooow these are amazing! I want more!
You must have an amazing place that you spot at.

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There is an Etihad regional??!?!?!

I like them all very much!

Thanks for the kind words everyone - glad you like them. :)

Etihad Regional (Darwin Airlines) is a Swiss regional airline based in Lugano and Geneva which deserves some european destinations. So you may ask now: why is it called Etihad Regional when it is a Swiss airline? The answer is actually really simple; Etihad Airways bought a 33% stake in Darwin Airline. As planned in the deal, Darwin Airline then flew under the name of Etihad Regional, but still deserved the same routes as before. If you want to learn more about the airline, you should definitely check out this:

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Jesus Christ this is impressive - almost had to google them they were so good

Love the etihad livery 😍 Never saw one before tbh
Great pictures @Adrien ! Keep up the excellent work

The photo of -IPU looks terrific!

Thank you for informing!


I love the golden British Airways tail.

Wow, incredible shots. The Dash 8 and the Swiss shots are by far my favorites.

Wow! These are just amazing pictures! You did a great job st capturing there.

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