Spotting at Fort Lauderdale 12/18/21

Hey all👋, last Sunday I went spotting at Miami International Airport and decided to switch it up for once. I went spotting at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. The pictures included in this topic are my favorite out of the 445 pictures I took yesterday. With that out of the way, lets get started!


Here we got N532US lining up on runway 10L. This Boeing 757-251 is beginning it’s journey to head over to Atlanta.


Here we one of my favorite shots of this topic. On short final is C-GHKR. This Airbus A330-343 is finishing it’s journey from Montreal after operating as AC900. Holding short of runway 10L is C-FLEJ. This Boeing 737 Max 8 is operating as F8847 en route to Montreal. The aircraft holding short of the Flair Boeing 737 Max 8 is N239JB. N239JB is an Embraer E190AR, just moments from heading over to Boston.


Here is B61754, it is ending it’s flight over from San Juan. N2016J is an Airbus A321-271NX.


Here is N578UW. It is an Airbus A321-231 operating as AA1884 with service from Fort Lauderdale to Philadelphia. Here it is holding short a couple of meters from the runway as engine number 1 gets turned on after a single-engine taxi.

While turning on engine number 1, a Delta Airlines Boeing 737-932ER, with registration N813DN, is finishing a flight from Salt Lake City with flight number DL904.

After turning on engine number 1, AA1884 lines up on the runway and begins rolling down the runway.


And lastly, N37018 is on short final after operating as UA2534 with service from Newark to Fort Lauderdale.

This shot is my most favorite of them all. This shot was taking around 1 or 2 seconds before the main gear touched the runway.

This is the end of this topic. I had a lot of fun while spotting at Fort Lauderdale. Any tips on how to improve would be greatly appreciated. With that being said, thank you for viewing my topic and have a great day.


Nice spotting!

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Thank you!

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