Spotting at Faro Airport (LPFR)

Spotting at Faro Airport (LPFR)

Yesterday I went spotting to Faro airport to see the rare runway 10 arrivals, because almost all the time runway 28 is used. Here are some pictures of my trip, they are not great, in fact I am still a little bit new to this spotting thing.

Here we have a Transavia Boeing 737-8K2 registered F-GZHX seen here landing in runway 10

Next we have a Netjets Portugal Cessna 680A Citation Latitude registered CS-LTD seconds from touching down

Then we have seen here waiting on the runway a Volotea Boeing 717-2BL registered EI-EXB

Minutes after the Volotea takeoff a TAP Air Portugal Airbus A320-214 registered CS-TNL is seen here landing with the new TAP livery (Now all aircrafts have AIR written on the fuselage)

Coming from Brussels we have this Brussels Airlines Airbus A319-111 registered OO-SSJ about to land on Portuguese soil.
Here we have a Tecnam P2006T registered CS-EBX from Sevenair Flying Academy that did a low pass coming from Cascais. (Sorry for the crappy photo, but it was one of the highlights of this spotting trip)

Here we see a Lauda Airbus A320-232 registered OE-LOZ also landing in runway 10, Rest In Peace Niki Lauda.

Right after we have a tiny Swiss A220-100 coming in from Geneva registered HB-JBD

Then we have a Jet2 Boeing 737-33V (this type of aircraft is sadly becoming rarer this days just like the Boeing 717) registered G-GDFN Landing aswell

And then sadly the wind changed so the RWY operations went back to runway 28 and with that here we see a Brussels Airlines Airbus A319-111 airborne registered OO-SSJ on some fine golden light.

Thank you for looking at my pictures, I would like some suggestions on how to improve them because I am still not that good at doing it.


@Alex_Kraz Volotea

Nice pictures!


Great pics, if you didn’t say you were new to spotting, I would think these are by professionals. Great job!

@Alex_Kraz, it’s a Volotea 717.


Awesome pics! I was there last Friday to fly back from holiday!

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Thank you for the Niki Laura tribute and great photos are well :)

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Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!

But the A220 is not “tiny”! ;)

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Awesome shots!

Love that A220!


Well I think that it is compared to the -300 version and to the other commercial airliners that were present in my spotting session.

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Wasn’t meant to serious. It’s my absolute favourite aircraft and very cute indeed.

Obviously not the biggest aircraft out there.

Once again fantastic pictures!

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I know that you weren’t serious, thank you for your feedback aswell!

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No problem, thanks for letting me know, didn’t want to eventually cause confusion!

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There good pictures!! The last few ones are a tad backlit but other than that they are great!!

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