Spotting at Everett Paine Field

Hello, IFC!

I recently went spotting at Everett Paine Field and got some amazing shots!

A Future UPS 747-8

Some grounded Southwest 737s due to the COVID outbreak

A Half-built 767 for USAF

A Beechcraft Super King Air (N215BJ) thanks @anon38496261

A Southwest Airlines 737 Winglet close up

The same wingtip…
This wingtip has been through rain, storms, and a blazing sun, freezing temperatures and deadly wind…
give this winglet some love


A Beautiful Sirrus SR22!

A Generic 777X and a brand new Aeroflot 777

so… uh…

nervously fidgets with fingers
Did you like these pictures?

Could any of these go to JP?

Ohh, and here’s some biwbies wollin’ awound for @anon38496261 and @SB110

Thank You!


I’d love to have that second photo of the wingtip as a profile pic, it looks amazing

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You can have it! No prob! Thanks for asking!
(And thanks for the compliment)

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Oh, I wasn’t saying I was actually going to use it, I’m just saying it would look really great

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I need a cookie. I’ll find it!

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Ok! You can have a chocolate milk too… 😉

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These photos are amazing.

N171DC is the name

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These are amazing pictures, what’s your gear?

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Thank you!
Just out of curiosity, how did you get it?



I used a Canon 5D mark II for these shots :)

Thank you!

Ohhh nice. I’m on a T6 with a kit lens but I’d definitely try to make it work.

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Ayy I think that’s WH003 N779XY, the 3rd 777X prototype

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I’m intrigued

I love the Southwest winglet shot! Keep it up!

I wish I was back in Seattle and Everett :(


Man, for real. I went there this past summer for about 3 days, but man was it one of the best 3 days of my life.


I looked at KPAE arrivals on FR24 :)

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Hol up on that registration; I might have it mixed up. Just need to do a quick double check.

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@Robertine what you actually have is N215BJ, a Beech King Air 350i.

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How do you know?

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Do you know the registrations of the Canyon Blue Southwest planes?

Nice shots! I hope you had a good time.

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